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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Do you like a bargain?

Check out my stuff for sale then! Everything starts at 99p with no reserve - includes a Juicy Couture fur hoodie lookalike (same style worn by Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears), Victoria's Secret 'Pink', Arden B, Firetrap and Fendi.

ASOS Final Sale

Definitely worth checking out (especially the tops and dresses) - click here to shop!

Oasis now online

Just to let all our UK readers now that oasis is now online. There isn't a large range yet but that will build over the next 6 weeks. There are some great features to the site, which reads like an online magazine - including a 'fashion solutions' page where you can send an email with your fashion crisis and the design team will get back to you with a solution. You can also see the Oasis 2006 Catwalk photographs and learn about the top trends for the new season. Just fabulous!

Monday, August 28, 2006

The 58th Annual Emmy Awards

I was somewhat disappointed with the red carpet fashion at the Emmys this year. Not one lady's ensemble truly had the wow-factor for me. Full length glamour gowns were the key trend. Here's a few of my fashion hits and misses! Eva Longoria was my favourite overall - the best of an average bunch. Her bright white dress was unique and slightly quirky, showing off her tiny waist and working perfectly with her olive skin tone. Eva's choice of minimal accessories and classy understated shoes was spot on...her dress did all the talking. Couldn't you just imagine Sarah Jessica Parker in this outfit? Top marks to Eva.

Nick Lachey's girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo wore quite an exotic looking dress that probably only someone with her curves and exotic looks could pull off. I don't love it but I do like it. Very unusual and very detailed. I think this girl could look good in anything though.

It's not too often we see Lost's Evangeline Lilly out of combat pants and tank tops. She looks hot on Lost but looks even hotter like this. Stunning gown that reflects Evangeline's style - classy and elegant.

Calista Flockhart looked flawless. I'm not sure I would have chosen black for a daytime event such as this - when the sun is shining it's nice to wear some colour. Nonetheless, Calista looks chic and graceful. The perfect black dress.

And now, for the fashion misses. There were no real shockers. Jennifer Love Hewitt looked stunning - her hair and make up was faultless and she has a figure to die for...I just don't like her dress. It's too glitzy and too grown up for a girl in her twenties - the kind of dress you'd expect to see on a Hollywood actress in her fifties. I think she could have done a lot better than this.

Debra Messing - I know you're a comedy actress but you have got to be kidding?! The word Meringue springs to mind.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Falling for Marc

I'm in love with the new Marc by Marc Jacobs Collection for Fall 2006. Perusing my favourite online store shopbop I was literally in awe at some of the pieces. What I love about Marc Jacobs, aside from the quality, is that the clothes are wearable. The collection this year is so well co-ordinated that I would be quite happy if I was told that I could only wear items by Marc Jacobs for an entire year and my life depended on it. This chunky button up knit is my absolute fave (runs upstairs quick to see how much is in my piggy bank).

Here's what online boutique net-a-porter has to say about Marc:
"With his never-fail, trend-setting vision,
Marc Jacobs' cult status brand of vintage-inspired luxury appeals to fashion addicts such as Sofia Coppola, Sarah Jessica Parker and Liv Tyler. His snappy urban styling, impeccable detailing and flawless structure have made this one-time bad boy designer a name to drop. After graduating from Parsons School of Design, Jacobs partnered with Robert Duffy in 1986 to create a signature line, followed by a diffusion line, shoes, fragrance, home and accessories. Marc Jacobs has previously partnered with Perry Ellis and Louis Vuitton, where he rocked the fashion world by adding graffiti to the classic LV monogram".

You can view the collection online at net a porter and shopbop

Handbag of the week

This bag £22 by faith is perfect for every day use when you don't fancy hauling around everything but the kitchen sink. I never used to be a fan of clutches as I always felt strange just clutching hold of a bag rather than holding on to a strap or slinging it over my arm. Weird I know. Now though, i'm addicted. I think they look very chic. I'm sure you're all aware how hot the dogstooth print is for autumn and winter - it was seen all across the runways. I'm a big fan of using accessories to incorporate major trends and for this reason, this is my handbag of the week.

If you happen to hate dogstooth or already own something in the print then faith also made this bag in a gorgeous shade of grey with a very subtle pinstripe. As grey is the biggest colour for the upcoming season, this would also be a great buy.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

B Glam Announcement

Hey everyone! Just a quick announcement to say a big thank you to everyone who has visited this site so far. Remember to bookmark us so you can check back regularly for daily fashion and celebrity news. You can also subscribe for updates direct to your email by entering your email address in the box in the left sidebar.

I have a few items for sale - mainly online purchases that I got the sizing wrong on -
click here to check out the B Glam Boutique

Finally, only a week left to enter the B Glam competition to win a shopping spree -
click here for details

Friday, August 25, 2006

Looks like leg warmers are back

Leg warmers are so practical during the colder months for keeping you nice and warm. Made famous as a fashion accessory out of Fame in the 80's. It looks like they could be back in fashion big time this year. Will you be wearing them?

Leg warmers by alice & olivia $117 at shopbop

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Eva: The Queen of Cute Dresses

Eva Longoria pictured in Hollywood on Tuesday in yet another cute dress. Every time I see her lately she has a dress on I want to rush straight out and buy! Just for fun, lets see who can be the first to post the correct answer as to where this stunning dress is from...

Do blondes have more fun?

Cameron Diaz has just gone from blonde surfer chick to a brunette. Does it look boring or breathtaking? She doesn't look very happy! I thought this would be a great time to pose the age old question "do blondes have more fun?". I would love to hear all your thoughts - use the comments tool at the bottom of this post!

Victoria Beckham...pregnant?

I don't think so anymore after seeing these photographs taken at Nobu, London on Tuesday 22nd August. A series of pictures shows Victoria incredibly unsteady on her feet, having to be literally held up and made to walk straight by a lady and her bodyguard. Yes, sometimes photos can tell a different story than what was actually happening but there's no two ways about it...she does look drunk. And if one thing's for sure if Victoria actually was pregnant she would not be getting drunk.
Rumours have been flying about in the media over the past few weeks that David had taken her to a nutritionist as he was concerned she was too thin to conceive. He apparently very much wants a fourth child. Add that to the fact Victoria has been seen wearing baggy tops every time she's been photographed and we all then think she is pregnant. You'll also notice in the photographs from tuesday that she's wearing an extremely fitted/skin-tight top - the kind of top that would show even a couple of extra pounds of weight round the stomach. So, I don't think she's pregnant but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Angel wings, at last...

I have finally found some in the UK. This trend has been huge all year; the jewellery design of choice for Hollywood celebs including Nicole Richie. Easy to obtain in the US, not so easy in the UK. Whilst I was out eating at the dysart arms I noticed the waitress had this necklace on and it got me thinking about where she may have got it. I came across this one at urban outfitters UK for £12 - they also have the earrings for £10:

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Knock-offs - love them or loathe them?

Knock-offs are not the same as fakes. A 'fake' Chloe Paddington handbag would have the name 'Chloe' branded on the padlock. It would be trying to fool you into thinking it is made by Chloe. An example of a knock-off Chloe Paddington handbag is the Lush Fashions padlock bag selling at a fraction of the price. The Lush version does not pretend to be made by Chloe - it has 'Lush' inscribed on the padlock. Here's another example -

Last season's Marc by Marc Jacobs Triple Strand Shoes (above) now on sale for £153 have emerged in river island's autumn/winter collection albeit in a different colour (black or red available for the great knock-off price of £44.99).

What do you think? A complete rip-off of someone else's designs or the perfect scenario for those who can't afford the real thing? Leave your comments!

Yay or Nay Paris Hilton?

Johnson Shorts were huge - now here comes the Johnson Silk Jumpsuit as modelled by Paris Hilton at a recent party. So, what do you think...yay or nay?

And here's where to buy: shop intuition for $335 - it's certainly not cheap!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Get the look - Christina

Christian Aguilera has surprised me lately. She has actually been dressing quite well, in comparison to her 'Dirty' days anyhow. She's never going to be a style icon in my eyes but for safe, cute, all american outfits she is one to watch.

Quick links:
topshop cardigan £30, american apparel vest £12, river island necklace & shoes, red herring crop pants £20

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

20% off at Dorothy Perkins

Today until 18th August - valid for 5 days only so get shopping! You must click this link then enter your email address to get the discount. DP does have some great stuff if you look. The quality is also good for the price. Here's a few of my favourites:

The dogooth dress (pictured above left at £25) is set to be one of their best sellers and has been featured in Grazia and Glamour magazines. If you're not brave enough for an all over print, the dogtooth scarf at £8 is a great alternative to integrate the trend into your current wardrobe.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Nicky is back in BB!

My favourite, Nicky, is back in The Big Brother House - YAY!! This girl cracks me up. Did anyone watch the show last night? Are Nicky and Pete in love or what? Seems pretty genuine to me too. And this is a girl who used to go out to the clubs in London, like Pangea and China White, every week (looking out for footballers and C List celebs I expect). Pete is definitely not the type she has previously gone for. I hope they last!

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Friday, August 11, 2006

Shoes of the week

I've been keeping my eye out for the perfect red shoes all week. You know what it's like when in your head you can envisage exactly what it is you need and then every shoe you come across just doesn't fit the bill somehow? I was about to give up...until I walked into a Peacocks store this morning and there they were. The perfect height (over 4"), the perfect shade of red AND the perfect price - £12! So comfy too. In my eyes this was a great find...I know i'll only wear them through autumn and winter while the trend for red accessories is so huge so why pay more?!

Get the look for less

I loved Rachel Bilson's outfit that I posted about on tuesday so much that I searched around to make up a similar outfit for myself. Here's what I came up with. Proof that you really can get celeb style on a budget.

Quick Links: Belt: Topshop £15, Shoes: Faith £35, Dress: £35 at abound - click the link to abound located in the left sidebar under 'Buy from UK' and you'll get 10% off!

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Yay or Nay Mischa Barton?

Mischa Barton (photographed here earlier this week) always looks good...but would you wear this dress? Yay or nay?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Handbag of the week

Jennifer Ellison's bag is the Chloe 'Betty', retailing at around £900. The bag i've chosen for the handbag of the week is an incredible knock off by LUSH (pictured on the right). Lush make fabulous versions of our favourite designer bags. What I like about Lush is that all the bags are made of genuine leather so you are actually getting a quality bag in a designer style for a good price. This one (which they call the ivory small multi pocket camera bag) sells on their site for $139.99 (£75). But i'll let you into a little secret...these bags are cropping up brand new on eBay for less.

I couldn't just choose one handbag of the week this week. I just had to also post about this green washed leather hobo bag £40 by topshop. What a great price for genuine leather and I love the vintage look of the washed leather bags topshop has produced of late. This bag would certainly brighten up my day during autumn and winter! What do you think...YAY or NAY?

Click here to win a shopping spree!

Previous 'Handbag of the Week': Botkier Bianca Bag, ASOS Dior lookalike

Stunning Rachel Bilson

One of my favourite celebrities...photographed yesterday arriving at a party for Paramount's "The Last Kiss". Rachel looks stunning and clearly rocks the 'grey combined with a red accessory' look as featured on so many of the fall/winter runways. This girl is always stylish.

Win a Shopping Spree!
Grey & red on the fall/winter runways

Top100 Bloggers

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Win a shopping spree!!!

What's up for grabs? A gift card for the online store of your choice to spend on whatever you like . What's the value? £50 for those in the UK and $100 for those in the US. Girls in Europe if you choose a store outside UK and US, then its 75 Euros. How? This is a prize draw with entries accepted from today 6th August to 6th September. To enter you need to click the BGLAM Message Board on the left (in the sidebar) and register on the forum. For your entry to be valid you must create one thread (new topic) in any of the forums, e.g. The Handbag Forum or the Celebrity Fashion Forum or whichever forum you choose, before 6th September. It really is that simple!! I must remind you girls that our readership is still small so you've got a great chance of winning this competition! Email me if you have any questions. The winner will be announced in September and I hope the lucky winner will email me pics of her fabulous purchase to display here!

Style Steal: Victoria Beckham

Love her or hate her Victoria Beckham does, for the most part, have style. She's always well put together. Ignore the fake boobs, fake tan, fake nails and fake hair (until last week) and let's focus on the clothes (and bags, and shoes, and jewellery - gawd I would love to raid her wardrobe). I really liked this outfit she wore out in London a couple of days ago:

And lets face it girls, she must be doing something right because she did snag one of the most desirable men on the planet, David Beckham. I'm not saying she's the most stylish person around, but I reckon we could all learn a thing or two about fashion from Victoria. And those Rock and Republic jeans of her's? Well, they rock. Get the look for yourself right now:

Quick Links: ASOS top £16, topshop clutch £20 & 'Baxter' jeans £25, miss selfridge top £16, faith shoes £40

Previous 'Style Steal' article: Jennifer Aniston

Friday, August 04, 2006

Shoes of the week

The 'Jerry' platform pump by Gucci. The sexiest 4" heels I think i've ever seen. Priced at $495 (approx £260). It's not so easy to see from this photo, but 'Gucci' is engraved in the cream platform sole. What's also quite clever is that you can choose to have a 3" heel or a 4" heel. I 'm literally drooling over these shoes! A girl can dream...

Previous shoes of the week:

Marc by Marc Jacobs, London Sole

Paris & Kristen shop at FC

Too bad both dresses sold right out online within no time after being spotted on Paris & Kristen. boom tunic and rainbow dress.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Posh gets the chop!

I know i'm a little bit late on this one as these photos have been in circulation for a couple of days now, but I still had to post this. Thank God those hideously long hair extensions have gone! Posh has finally cut them off. At last, something about Victoria Beckham is natural. Apparently husband David is going wild over it - what do you all think of this new do? Photo courtesy of Perez Hilton

The look for less

There are not many people in the world who could afford to have a wardrobe to rival a Hollywood celeb. But if you're a savvy shopper you really can pull the outfit together for a whole lot less. These two cute tops are a great example:

Nicole Richie style halter top for £18 and Lindsay Lohan style bow detail top for £14. Use code HSBCGRAD1 for 15% off.

Previous 'the look for less' articles:

Victoria Beckham Sash Dress

YSL Muse Bag

Nicole Richie Dress

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Loopy over leopard

Fashionistas like Kate Moss and Nicole Richie, to name just two, are going loopy over leopard print. Last time leopard print was this on trend was in the 1980's (UK girls, think Bet Lynch on Coronation Street) and I never thought i'd say this...but I quite like it. So, lets take a look at the fall runways, pictured here from left to right L.A.M.B, Roberto Cavalli and Kenzo (check out those booties!).

I don't know about you but i'm not quite brave enough to step out in this much leopard print! So to help you guys take on the trend in your real lives I picked out some cute accessories. Nicole wore heels, Kate Moss wore flats - what would you wear? This trend looks its very best teamed with black and kept to a minimum. Take a leaf out of Nicole and Kate's book and remember less is most definitely more.
Me? i'd choose the Dorothy Perkins ballet flats and wear them with medium blue distressed and battered jeans. And for those of you who HATE leopard with a passion, how about these black & white zebra style flats from ASOS?

Quick links: ASOS clutch, river island, topshop, DP flats, ASOS flats

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Urban Outfitters UK arrives

Finally, we Brits have access to hip retailer urban outfitters online. Not much of a selection just now (in comparison to the US site) but this is sure to increase over a short period of time. Happy Shopping!