A daily diary about fashion, shopping and celebrity gossip. This is somewhere to share my great finds or ugly finds, hot deals and recent purchases. Feel free to email with suggestions, requests and for link exchanges and advertising.


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Sunday, October 01, 2006


I've moved!


Please use and bookmark the new URL... I will no longer be updating on this site! As soon as you visit the site please enter your email address into the right sidebar where it says subscribe for newsletter!

Updates will be daily again on the new site. Hooray!

Please could all the other bloggers who link to me change their template so that their readers are directed to the new site
http://www.bglam.com/ - I know this is time consuming so I really am most grateful. If any one would like a link exchange please email me at http://www.bglam.com/contact-us/ and I will be happy to link to you.