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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Speaking of Prada...

After hearing all the buzz about the release of the movie version of The Devil Wears Prada in the US just recently, I decided to finally get round to reading the book by Lauren Weisberger, which I was given for Christmas. I am currently half way through and am loving it so far. I would really recommend buying the book (it's only £3.99!) and enjoying the read before you see the film when it opens in the UK. This is a real chick lit read - if you liked the 'Shopaholics' series then you'll love this. Patricia Field, the Emmy award winning Costume Designer for "Sex and The City", was the wardrobe stylist for the film and managed to spend over $1 million worth on clothing and accessories. Now, that's my ideal job. To get a glimpse of a few of the fantastic outfits click here.

Here's the Amazon review:
It's a killer title: The Devil Wears Prada. And it's killer material: author Lauren Weisberger did a stint as assistant to Anna Wintour, the all-powerful editor of Vogue magazine. Now she's written a book, and this is its theme: narrator Andrea Sachs goes to work for Miranda Priestly, the all-powerful editor of Runway magazine. It turns out Miranda is quite the bossyboots. That's pretty much the extent of the novel, but it's plenty. Miranda's behaviour is so insanely over-the-top that it's a gas to see what she'll do next, and to try to guess which incidents were culled from the real-life antics of the woman who's been called Anna "Nuclear" Wintour. For instance, when Miranda goes to Paris for the collections, Andrea receives a call back at the New York office (where, incidentally, she's not allowed to leave her desk to eat or go to the bathroom, lest her boss should call). Miranda bellows over the line: "I am standing in the pouring rain on the rue de Rivoli and my driver has vanished. Vanished! Find him immediately!"

In the film, Anne Hathaway plays Andrea and Meryl Streep plays bossy boots Miranda. Just looking at a few of the photos makes me so excited to see the film. Such gorgeous outfits:

Comments on "Speaking of Prada..."


Anonymous Clare said ... (8:13 PM) : 

The movie is really good! It's a very different story than the book though (although therea re parts you'll recognise). I was almost dosappointed taht I'd read the book so soon before I saw the movie because I spent too much time noticing the differences and not enough time just enjoying the movie.


Blogger bglam said ... (11:30 PM) : 

so you enjoyed it? and it was worth watching?


Anonymous Lorene said ... (3:17 PM) : 

I am impatient that this film pass over the French screens!


Blogger bglam said ... (8:06 PM) : 

Oh no, so you will have to wait until it is released on DVD until you can see it?


Anonymous punky said ... (8:16 AM) : 

I love that CK jersey dress with the besty johnson belt...so cute!
and i so have those chanel sunglasses!



Blogger bglam said ... (11:56 AM) : 

Yep, that CK jersey dress is to die for!!


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