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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Hanky Panky Thongs

I am a complete convert to Hanky Panky low rise thongs. I don't imagine that many of you in the UK will have heard of these miracle pants but they are huge in the US. All the young Hollywood celebs swear by them and now I do too. I love the whole host of bright colours they come in - Ashlee Simpson has citrine and caribbean blue in her hand. They seriously are the comfiest sexiest thongs you will ever own. I will never buy any other brand again! They do 2 versions - the one you want is the 'low rider' low rise thong:
So, now for the price... they cost a whopping £16.50 each at figleaves. But you know me, I never pay full price for anything so I found an amazing seller on eBay (seller lackeyjr). I bought 3 from this seller (based in hawaii) and it worked out at £8 each including shipping to UK - I received the parcel within 6 days. Not bad huh! I highly recommend this seller. This time I chose Peony (pink), Wedgewood (blue) and Black.

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